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Heaven and Hell Club

The dancers of the Heaven and Hell Club find love despite emotional obstacles.
One is young and on the streets. The other is older, but not necessarily wiser. Can two men repair the damage that nobody sees?

Leeds, England. Jag never wants to see his parents again. Still suffering the horrors of their forced conversion therapy, the lithe dancer keeps moving to stay safe from their reach. But when he walks into a gay bar to seek pole-dancing work, the sexy, more mature owner’s gaze makes him want to drop all his no-strings-attached rules along with his pants.

Michael can’t shake his grief. Despite a string of sultry affairs, he has lost every single partner because of his feelings for a man long dead. But when he observes his young new hire giving it all for the patrons, the heartsick club owner starts to develop the type of deep affection he thought he’d permanently lost.


Struggling to overcome his fear that his family will find and hurt him, Jag can’t help falling hard for his experienced lover. And when Michael longs for more, he must risk heartbreak in exchange for another chance at forever…


Will the damaged couple heal their way to happily ever after?


Broken is the poignant first book in the Heaven and Hell Club contemporary M/M romance series. If you like gorgeous men, gut-wrenching moments, and emotional rollercoasters, then you’ll adore Colette Davison’s steamy tale of fate.

Jag thought he knew Michael, but he still has a lot to learn.

Halloween at the Heaven and Hell Club is an extravagant affair. The trouble is, Jag didn't realise the holiday meant so much to Michael.

Realising he still has a lot to discover about his lover, Jag decides to give Michael a Halloween to remember.

Can a wicked costume, a sexy dance, and a surprise question, make this the best Halloween Michael has ever had?

Wicked is a short MM romance story, with an age-gap relationship, pole dancing and a happy ending. It follows on from the events of Broken, but can be read as a standalone.

They enjoyed impromptu passion. But is one steamy encounter enough to bring happily ever after to these two hurting men?

Leeds, England. Jared feels completely lost. After a devastating car accident left him with memory loss and brain damage, he has no idea who he really is or what he wants. But a flirty night with a gay pole dancer that leads to more serious sex just might be the healing he needs.


Kyrone is cracking under the weight of a promise to his late father. Struggling to finish the education he’s come to loathe, the only joy he finds is in a budding relationship with a gorgeous amnesiac. And as he spends his nights stripping at the club and his days caring for his damaged lover, the troubled young man begins to feel a new purpose awakening within him.


Despite crippling migraines and his own missing identity, Jared urges his sweet caregiver to embrace his true self. But with the vow to complete his degree hanging over his head, Kyrone is torn between the future he desires and his obligation to his dead dad.


Have two wounded souls met their perfect match to take them into forever?


Forgotten is the delicious second book in the Heaven and Hell Club contemporary M/M romance series. If you like strong characters, beautifully raw emotions, and tear-jerking dilemmas, then you’ll adore Colette Davison’s break-your-heart tale.

They’re both carrying painful baggage. Will desire help two lost men unpack a brighter destiny?


Leeds, England. Callum’s doing his damnedest to go straight. Leaving behind a life of crime and a father filled with homophobic hate, he’s in dire need of a fresh start. But when he takes a gig as a barman in a gay nightspot, he’s shocked that a dancer’s playful flirting awakens cravings he never knew he had.


Dylan buries his loneliness under a blanket of tattoos and piercings. Though he’s desperate for love after being shunted around foster families, letting anyone in has always been a struggle. So when he falls for the club’s sexually confused mixologist, he fears giving his heart leaves him dangerously vulnerable.


Grappling with a new bisexual identity, Callum is sure sharing his news with his conservative family won’t end in anything other than more bruises. And as Dylan realises he needs to confront and share his own truth, he’s petrified doing so will tear down everything he’s ever cared about.


Can the troubled couple put others’ judgment in its proper place and embrace their true desires?


Forgiven is the third book in the touching Heaven and Hell Club contemporary M/M romance series. If you like conflicted men, slow-burn chemistry, and passions forged by trust, then you’ll adore Colette Davison’s poignant tale.

Can a fake date lead to unbreakable love when stereotypes are all some people see?

Mac’s life is predictable and safe until Russel walks into the Heaven and Hell Club.

A fake date, sexual misconceptions, and role play turn Mac’s life upside down.

As Mac and Russell turn preconceived ideas on their head, can they work together to beat a manipulative millionaire and prove their new-found love is unbreakable?

Unbreakable is a prequel to the Heaven and Hell Club series and features characters first encountered in Broken (Heaven and Hell Club book 1). It can be read as a standalone. It includes light bondage and spanking.

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