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I'm told Nethermire House is haunted, but the truth is even stranger.

Nethermire is home to an eccentric 80-year-old and the young man she claims is her great-nephew.


Except he's not.


He's a demon.


Brin's chaotic, bratty ways draw me to him. When he calls me Daddy, I'm a goner. I want to protect him, take care of him, and call him mine.


But when he gets taken to hell, our happiness is shattered.


Can I recall him to my side, or will I lose him forever?


Recalling My Demon is a standalone MM paranormal romance in the Possessive Love multi-author series. It has an insta-lust, age-gap relationship between a bratty demon who needs someone to love him more than he realises and an ex-priest who's now a Daddy.

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My Kinky Housemate.jpg
Can a kitten and a leather-clad geek find true love?

Nick does his best to hide who he is at work and at home. When his bully housemate discovers his kinks, he’s left unsafe and distraught.

Declan is out and proud and enjoying living his best geeky life. The last thing he expects is to meet an old school friend who needs a shoulder to cry on and a safe place to stay.

When the chance meeting, Declan’s offer of help, and a geeky business proposal turns both their worlds upside down, true love is just a stroke and a collar away.

My Kinky Housemate is a sweet acquaintance to lovers MM romance, with pet-play, a sexy kitten, lots of strokes and cuddles, and a smidge of hurt comfort. It's the prequel to the My Kinky Housemate series, which starts with Sugar Bunny.

This novella was part of the Your Book Boyfriend's Boyfriend giveaway throughout 2022.

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