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Book cover for I Wished For You
I Wished For You is wonderful. I adore this thruple and enjoyed every moment of their story.

Amy's MM Romance Reviews

Three wishes.

Seb wants to be happy.

Matt wants to find 'the one.'

Connor wants them.

Two drunken kisses.

Seb didn’t plan to kiss Matt and Connor, but he doesn’t regret it, even if it has changed their friendship forever.

Matt has never considered dating a man before, let alone two. Despite his confusion, being with Seb and Connor feels right.

One uncertain future.

Connor’s potential fate has stopped him living and loving. Can he face his fears to be with the men he loves?

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Book cover for For You I fall
I definitely recommend this book to those who love angels and want to step outside the real world for a while.

Susan at The Blogger Girls

Despite having had a rough life, Seth has a big heart. After spending nearly ten years sleeping rough on the streets of New York, he’s managed to get himself freelance work and a place to live. But his new found security is about to be torn apart, as the horrors of his past come back to haunt him in the worst possible way.

Dante was sent to watch over a young Seth when his mother died. As an angel, he had many rules to follow, the most important of which was to never fall in love—especially when it involves a human who is your charge. For the last ten years, Dante has kept his feelings for Seth hidden. That is until the night Seth’s past catches up with him.

When Seth is murdered, their destinies are changed forever. Feelings and emotions come to the surface, but will the rules that govern the afterlife keep Dante and Seth apart for eternity, or will they be able to find their happily ever after together?

**Contains explicit language and scenes**

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Book cover for A Dance For Two
I have always enjoyed stepbrother romances, and A Dance for Two is as good as it can get.

Amy’s MM Romance Reviews

Adam and Luc used to be close. At least they were before Luc distanced himself from Adam at fourteen, then eventually left home. Adam never got over the sting of betrayal, or the loss of his one-time best friend.

When Luc is invited back home to help get his parents’ failing dance school back on track, Adam isn’t sure he can cope with having his stepbrother back in his life. Especially when he discovers Luc’s decade old secret.

Luc left home because he was sure no one would understand that he had fallen in love with his stepbrother.

Convinced that the years of distance he has put between them will have erased his desire, Luc doesn’t hesitate to return home to help the business that means everything to his parents. Confronted by Adam once more, Luc’s past feelings re-awaken. But will revealing his true feelings to Adam heal the rift between them, or drive them even further apart?

**This novel contains explicit language and sex scenes between stepbrothers**

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Book cover for A Dance For You
This book was sweet and naughty but definitely had some angst that kept things interesting. I am excited to read more from this author in the future!

Mari at Bayou Book Junkie

New job, new city: Mason hopes both will lead to him escaping burnout as a ballet dancer. Not living out of a suitcase anymore is a bonus. His new life gets off to a steamy start when he encounters his new neighbour, David. Things soon become complicated when Mason turns up for his first day at BalletEast, to discover that David is not only his choreographer, but the man who inspired him to take up dancing in the first place.

With two divorces and a string of failed relationships behind him, David has no intention of promising ‘forever’ to anyone. But when he meets Mason, he falls hard and fast for the enigmatic young dancer. As David becomes more serious about Mason, he wants to open his lover’s eyes to the kinks that he enjoys.

Whilst the two men are navigating the early stages of their romance, Mason is facing immense pressures in the rehearsal studios that threaten to dampen his natural enthusiasm for life. Will David’s love and support be enough to help Mason continue to hold his head high and dance like he’s never danced before?

**Contains explicit language and sex scenes, including mild, consensual BDSM**

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Book cover for A Dance For Christmas

Mason longs to dance alongside his Dom and former principle dancer, David. A Christmas Eve charity gala might just give him the chance, if he can persuade David to come out of retirement for one night.

David doesn’t regret his decision to hang up his ballet shoes to become a choreographer. So when the chance to dance with Mason is put before him, he’s less than keen, worrying his younger, impressively talented sub will outshine him on stage.

Will a bratty sub and Christmas cheer be able to convince David to dance on stage, one last time?

A Dance For Christmas is best read after A Dance For You.

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Book cover for Why I Left You
This was an amazing read. It was so emotional and was one of those books that once you start it you cannot put it down.

Tosha at Gay Book Reviews

Brett has fooled himself into thinking he’s happy in his dead-end job. His idea of commitment is a string of quick hook-ups, which never last a whole night.

Jamie left home to prove he could cope alone, without the suffocating support of his parents. But instead of finding freedom, he’s struggling with university, money, and depression.

Drawn together by an undeniable spark, their relationship won’t survive the present, unless they can come to terms with the past.

**Contains explicit language and scenes**

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Book cover for Why I Need You
Why I Need You is well written and flowing with a good story line that is easy to follow and understand.

Kristina Simkins, Amazon Reviewer

Following the death of their parents, Fin put his life on hold to raise his little sister. He’s convinced her well-being is all that matters, even if it’s at the expense of his own. A chance meeting with Noah opens his eyes to the possibility of happiness. A happiness that could shatter the moment Noah discovers Fin has an eight-year-old in tow.

Noah has been living a lie for years. When he gets publicly outed, he gets kicked out of his parents’ home and business. Although he’s angry at being disowned, Noah knows it means he’s finally free to love whomever he wants. But in order to have a fulfilling and lasting relationship, Noah has to get past his repressed upbringing and inhibitions, before Fin walks out of his life.

In order to stay together, Fin and Noah have to be brave enough to be honest with themselves and each other.

**Contains explicit language and scenes**

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Book cover for Why I Trust You
This is such a beautiful, poignant story... Colette Davison proves with this book that Why I Left You wasn't a once-time thing, but the announcement of a wonderful new voice.

Clau, Amazon Reviewer

Martin is the larger than life funny guy, the one who’s quick to soothe other’s pain, whilst hiding his own. He wants nothing more than to find ‘the one’, but his love life consists of a string of break-ups. He’s close to giving up on love, until he meets Ryan online, the artist whose work speaks to his soul. There are just two problems: Ryan already has a boyfriend and he lives in California, which is one hell of a long way from England.

Working with Martin to develop a game is supposed to be purely business; a way for Ryan to earn the money to leave his abusive boyfriend. Except, he finds himself falling for the enigmatic Englishman. Wondering what kind of spark there might be if they were in the same country is one thing, escaping his boyfriend is another.

Wounded by their past relationships, Martin and Ryan have to learn to trust each other in order to have a chance at building a future together.

**Contains explicit language and scenes, including some scenes relating to domestic violence.**

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Book cover for Why I Do

Fin and Noah had a rocky start in Why I Need You, but now they’re looking forward to starting their happily ever after together, with Fin’s kid sister, Olivia. With everything planned for their Halloween themed wedding, all they have to do is enjoy the day.

There are just two problems: Noah is nervous as hell about the surprise he’s got planned and Fin is overwhelmed by the ghosts of his past.

Luckily, their friends are on hand to make sure there’s no more bumps in the road, before they say ‘I do’.

Why I Do can be read as a standalone, but is best read after the Why I… series, as it contains characters from all three books. You can read Fin and Noah’s story in Why I Need You.

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